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Our Accountants, Taxation Consultants and Business Advisors are all qualified and highly experienced they have been through all of our services many times and know the complexities of each. More »

Financial Planning

We have access to a wealth of knowledge, and experience in the financial planning sector. More »

Financial Services

Acro Accounting & Financial Planning can assist in obtaining both personal and business finance from various financial institutions at a competitive rate. More »

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Taxation Solutions info to go here More »

Bookkeeping and MYOB Consultants

Acro Accounting and Financial Planning (AAFP) are Professional Partners with MYOB and Certified Consultants & Bookkeepers. Due to our relationship with MYOB, AAFP ensures that by using our services, your business will have access to the latest updates on technical matters More »


Welcome to Acro Accounting & Financial Planning

At Acro Accounting & Financial Planning (AAFP), our aim is to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients and proactively address their accounting, financial planning, taxation and other business needs. Apart from taking care of their compliance and operations, we provide expertise in strategic areas like asset protection, succession plans, business growth, wealth increment and cash flow improvement.

As Certified Practising Accountants (CPAs), we aspire to the highest level of service delivery and have distinguished ourselves as a professional public practice firm. Our services are offered in a proactive, proficient and cost-efficient manner and are guaranteed to deliver to your expectations.

We deliver outstanding results for you through our motivated and dedicated team of professionals, ensuring that our clients have access to the latest and most accurate information on tax and other business areas. Also, as professional business and tax advisors, we are an experienced team with invaluable real world experience who are committed to high quality service. Our energy in providing top-notch services through a personalised approach is what sets us apart.

  Call us today so that we can add value to your wealth, finances and business!

Important dates for the tax season

We all dread this time of the year. These important dates will assist you in filing your tax returns on time. The tax season in Australia runs from 1st July to 15th May every year. You must file your tax returns during this time covering any income you have earned from 1st July to 30th June of the previous year.

Although the tax season begins in July, one can always prepare early by gathering the required paperwork. This will ensure compliance and will assist in working out exactly what you will need to pay and lodge for maximum refunds. Lodge your returns on time to avoid paying any penalty and interest to the ATO.

For an individual, the last day to file your tax returns is the 31st of October for each year. For all other entities, you can visit the ATO site for more details.

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